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Caring for Cashmere

Caring for your Cashmere


How to care for your knitwear…

We suggest you don’t wear a cashmere garment two days running. Let it rest at least one day, airing it for a few hours on a flat surface before wearing it again.

We recommend you gently hand-wash your Davis Lester cashmere knitwear in lukewarm water (not exceeding 30 degrees celsius) with a quality wool or cashmere wash. Do not rub the garment as this will cause the fibres to come loose. After washing leave the garment to soak for a few minutes. Rinse a couple of times and roll in a towel to get rid of excess water. Do not wring as this can distort the fibres.

Lay the garment flat on a dry towel to air dry away from sunlight and heat. Heat can cause shrinkage and change shape and sunlight can cause colour fade. Press lightly with a full steam iron.

As all knitwear using natural fibres can pill (it is unavoidable with soft fibres) gently use a fabric comb to run over the affected area and remove the pilling.

Always wash your Davis Lester knitwear before you put it away for storage. Lay flat and preferably in a dust bag. This will help protect it from moths. Lavender is a natural moth deterrent. You can also purchase repellent.

Cashmere improves with age if cared for properly.